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SingSong Karaoke

SingSong Karaoke is one of the best karaoke shows avaliable in the Boston area. We have over 110,000 tracks in our collection. Our collection covers different genres and eras. You will find songs from 1940 to today's top chart. If any song has ever been made into karaoke commerically, we will have it. On top of that, we also have many home grown tracks that cannot be found in any other karaoke shows in the Boston area. We also feature international karaoke such as Italian, Jewish, Latino and even Chinese. Gospel tracks are also available to those interested in religious music. Tons of children karaoke tracks are also available. Our karaoke show is designed to fit age 6 to 96.


SingSong Karaoke show is designed for everyone to have fun. It is not a competition. Everyone is a star when you come to SingSong Karaoke. 


Interested in finding out what we have in our collection? Our songbook is availablle online and you can search by artist or title, or both, to find out if your favorite song is available. Go to:

and enter "singsong" (no double quotes) as the DJ code when you navigate to the webpage.


During our show we can accept requests from your smart phone in real time by going through the page above.